Blue-chip application support for Oracle ERP

Application management is complex and cumbersome, often derailing internal IT teams from focusing on forward-looking projects and innovation. ennVee helps organizations reduce the cost and complexity of application management and support. The basis of our philosophy is to synthesize both business and IT through a blend of predictable price models, proactive risk mitigation, custom-built automation tools, and balanced service delivery models and approaches.

Oracle E-Business Suite Application Support Services

ennVee's application management and support services for Oracle E-Business Suite include application development, implementation, testing, integration, and maintenance and support. We provide 24x7x365, Level 2-4 technical and functional help desk support for clients. Our tool-based automation approach to application service delivery helps ensure proactive maintenance, while reducing support costs, downtime, and disruption to business operations.

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Application Support Accelerators

Automated Cloning for Oracle EBS R12

ennVee's proprietary, command-based tool automates application and DB (duplication) cloning to expedite and remove errors from the Oracle E-Business Suite cloning process.

  • Schedule to run and the rest is covered
  • Captures a backup of database and archive logs and can be used to duplicate or recover the database
  • Ease of use: schedule scripts through CRON and easily edit config files
  • Enhanced exception and notification handling: send notifications, alerts, and progress reports, and simplify the debugging process by logging each step into a separate file
  • Run on any Linux environment
  • Supports running custom scripts that contain all SQL responsible for handling a majority of post-Clone steps
  • Supports RAC and Non-RAC with or without ASM
  • Supports RAC-RAC, Single Node, and Multi Node configurations

Data Masking and Auditing Security Tool for Oracle EBS

ennVee uses its proprietary data masking and auditing tool to protect your Oracle E-Business Suite data from being compromised by internal and external threats. Our security tool set is simple to build, easy to use, and focused on the sensitivity of the data within your Oracle EBS system.

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Data Masking Tool

Data masking and auditing in Production and Non-Production environments

  • Installed on Prod
  • Will not execute on Prod, even if run by accident
  • Dynamic: no changes required when new modules are implemented
  • Zero management overhead
  • Generate a table list that covers all data and use cases

Coverage Areas

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - (PCI-DSS 2.0)
  • State Privacy Regulations - (employees, customers, vendors, etc.)
  • HIPAA Privacy Standard/Rule

Auditing Tool

Application-specific data

Define user access roles and track activity without impacting application performance.

Comprehensive reporting

Receive alerts for specific activities such as compliance violations or data breaches.

One-hour implementation

Requires one SOX individual to determine what can and cannot be done.

Additional Oracle Support Services

ennVee Application Support Features

Balanced Delivery Models

Dedicated on-shore to hybrid or blended, and dedicated offshore from our global delivery centers in Bangalore and Chennai, India.


We identify risk areas early-on and then make recommendations and improvements to prevent them from impacting the business.

Custom Automation Tools

We use proprietary automation tools for tasks including instance monitoring, cloning, and health checks to reduce support costs.

Predictable Cost Model & Arbitrage

Support costs are need-based and flexible from a set block of hours each month to T&M, or fixed-priced.

No "Bait & Switch"

Named consultants and a dedicated account director are assigned to each client. Executive sponsorship is also provided and responsive, so you will always be able to get  a response within minutes rather than days.

ennVee is a global professional services firm that provides Oracle application management, business, and technology consulting services. Through automation, we help our clients accelerate project completion, reduce disruption, get it right the first time, and lower the cost to deliver tomorrow’s solutions today.

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