Automated extraction, conversion, and migration services to help you achieve business intelligence beyond Oracle Discoverer

Replace Oracle Discoverer in 2-10 Weeks

ennSight is a proprietary tool that we use to automatically extract, convert, and migrate complete Discoverer reports to your replacement platform of choice. Through automation, all Discoverer reports, workbooks, worksheets, business areas, etc. are identified and extracted in 2-10 weeks. ennVee offers end-to-end Discoverer migration services from selecting a replacement platform, to assessing, migrating, and testing all reports, and providing end-user training and post-migration enhancements.

Key Features

  • Automatically identify, categorize, and extract all Discoverer reports
  • Migrate complete Discoverer reports "as-is" to your platform of choice
  • Pick and choose what to migrate
  • Consolidate duplicate or triplicate reports, workbooks,  worksheets, etc.
  • Retire obsolete Discoverer reports
  • Extract and migrate all Discoverer user roles, access, and security information
  • Provides a fully-integrated report migration environment
  • Integrates with existing business collaboration tools
  • Free migration assessment (migration road map, project plan, timelines, and fixed-bid pricing)

Sign up for a Free Migration Assessment

Our 1-2-week assessment identifies all Discoverer reports, and provides a migration road map and project plan along with scope, milestones, conversion timelines and effort estimate, a resourcing plan, rationalization, and fixed-bid price to migrate.

The assessment also includes a free Proof-of-Concept, where we migrate 1 to 2 existing reports to your platform of choice.

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ennSight already migrates from Discoverer to leading replacement platforms


Business Benefits

  • Reduce the cost, time, and manual effort to migrate off Discoverer by 70%
  • Error-free migration in 2-10 weeks
  • Eliminate re-work and minimize disruptions before, during, and after migration
  • Reduce the cost of Discoverer report development and maintenance
  • Reduce the risks associated with manual report migration and data loss
  • Improve your overall reporting strategy

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