ennAssist 11i to R12 Upgrade Assessment Tool

Oracle E-Business Suite upgrades are always a challenge, often taking longer and costing more than expected due to the uncertainties involved.

Using our proprietary ennAssist tool, ennVee helps organizations seamlessly and cost-effectively execute Oracle EBS 11i to R12 upgrades, Oracle EBS re-implementations, and patch deployments. Through automation, ennAssist's built-in simulation engine forecasts what custom code will break, how to fix it, and what to test, ultimately reducing total cost, duration, and risk by up to 40%. Learn more about our R12.2 upgrade assessment.

Key Features

  • Planning - map all system customizations and generate usage statistics for all standard and custom objects
  • Remediation - know exactly which custom code and functionalities will break, how to fix it, and what custom code to carry over. and what to test based on order of priority
  • Testing - know what to test based on order of priority and focus your testing efforts to simplify the code issue remediation process.
  • SaaS-based - no hardware or software is required
  • Non-invasive

Business Benefits

  • Reduce cost and duration by up to 40%
  • Faster return on investment (ROI)
  • Eliminate manual effort and re-work by leveraging automation
  • Reduce testing time and effort
  • Reduce upgrade complexity with a clear idea of the legacy customizations that can be retired

Upgrading to Oracle EBS R12.2?

Get the automation you need to remediate and migrate your customizations with ease.

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